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Eve, the First Woman: “I’m Sorry!”

Eve, the First Woman – “I’m Sorry!”
10 Minute Skit (Video)
CAST:  One Woman Monologue

From the Lessons from Women in the Bible Series:  This monologue, written and performed by Arletia Mayfield aka The Prophetic Scribe features, EVE, the first woman on earth who apologizes for her role in the fall of mankind. In this first person account, Eve tells her personal, eye-witness testimony and encourages everyone with a story of redemption that demonstrates the eternal wisdom of God in spite of the fallibility of man…and woman.



Youth Scripts

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Three girls playing as wisemen with a doll in a christmas nativiChristian Scripts for Christian Skits are perfect for youth programs.  These short presentations work perfectly within a church or worship service because they are short (2-15 minutes long).  They also fit nicely within holiday programs.

New Girl
Mary and Martha

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Mary and Martha: At the Foot of Jesus

Christ in the House of Martha and Mary, Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675), oil on canvas, Circa 1654 – 1656

Mary and Martha: At the Foot of Jesus
(based on Luke 10:38-42)
3 Minute Script (Written)
CAST: 4 + Followers
(Martha, Mary, Jesus, Followers, Narrator)

Mary and Martha are excited about their special visitor. The only problem is Martha gets stuck with all the work, while her sister kicks back with the guests. In this skit, Martha learns a lesson about what is good and what’s not so important.

This script follows the dialogue in the Bible very closely, but with a modern tone.   The summation of the narrator at the end reminds the audience to take time out for Jesus.


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The New Girl

The New Girl
(based on Matthew 25:36)

3 Minute Script (Written)
CAST:  3 Girls
Ashley and Monique encounter a New Girl at school who turns out to be a Christian.  Despite Ashley’s judgmental attitude, the New Girl inspires them both to rise to a new level of giving.

*Use of House of Skits Christian Scripts, Skits & Poetry is subject to our terms and conditions.


For the Love of God ebook


 For the Love of God, A Collection of Praise and Worship Poems by Arletia Mayfield, The Prophetic Scribe

DESCRIPTION:  For the Love of God, A collection of praise and worship poems by Arletia McInnis-Mayfield is a testimony of the intimate relationship that can be developed with Jesus Christ through writing.  It is a transparent look at selections from a young woman’s journal that is filled with faith, hope, determination, humility and the love of Christ.  This collection will inspire, encourage and increase your faith.  This is a great gift for young women, but women of all ages will enjoy the poems, letters and confessions shared in this book.



Lessons from Women in the Bible

The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the LORD.   Proverbs 18:22 NLT

This series is for women of different ages and all walks of life.  These stories of women in the Holy Bible share valuable lessons about how their stories of challenges and triumphs are still relevant and encouraging for us today. Continue reading Lessons from Women in the Bible