The purpose of House of Skits is to provide quality Christian education through the creative arts by providing scripts and skits for theatrical presentations in various media formats  for use in churches, ministries and Christian organizations.

Christian Scripts for Christian Skits are created for all ages, male and female, on timely topics.  Our scripts and skits are designed to cross age, language and ethnic barriers.  Most of our scripts are based on stories and characters from the Holy Bible.  All of our scripts demonstrate the moral values and principles of the Holy Bible.

Here you will find written scripts as well as audio and video products that complement your teaching topics or set the atmosphere for an event, conference or retreat.  Select products like devotionals are available for broadcast.*

  • Devotionals:  Short videos on timeless and timely topics like (Love, Forgiveness, Anger, etc.)
  • Lessons from Women of the Bible:  Short videos profiling a woman of the Bible focusing on what lessons we can learn from her life.
  • Bible Study Scripts: Short skits to introduce a Bible Study Topic (Lesson Outline Included)
  • Holiday Scripts: Scripts for Holidays and Special Events.
  • Custom Copy Writing:  Copy writing services available for one time use of Christian events like Wedding invitations, Announcements, Programs and Flyers.*

*Use of House of Skits products and services is subject to our terms and conditions.

We pray that you find House of Skits an inspirational place to discover new and creative ways to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Arletia Mayfield,  Founder
The Prophetic Scribe Publications