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Arletia Mayfield is the wife and helpmate of Franklin Mayfield, owner of trueGOD.tv, a global, Christian Television and Radio Network that broadcasts the gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide, all day, every day.


Together they are media missionaries, reaching out to the world and pointing the way to Salvation in Christ, through media and information technology.

In addition to serving as the Administrator of trueGOD.tv, Arletia Mayfield is known as The Prophetic Scribe.  In 2005, she was called by God to instruct Christian writers in the gift and caPS_resized2ll of the scribe, and the power of the Testimony of Christ.  She accomplished this by teaching classes in the church, outside the church and through Internet radio shows in Las Vegas, Nevada.  In that season, she also served as West Coast Director of Voices of Christ Literary Ministries International based in Atlanta, Georgia until 2010.

Today, she is a teacher of the Word of God and an author of poetry, Christian literature and theatrical scripts.

flag worship IIIn 2012, the spirit of worship compelled her to minister to the Lord and his people through praise flags and dance.  She became the Lord’s Standard Bearer and wrote a soon to be released book about the symbolic use of banners and flags in worship arts ministry.

In 2014 she became a Certified PraiseMoves Fitness Instructor, leading people out of pmlogosedentary lifestyles and yoga (which kill the body and the spirit) into a Word-based exercise and fitness program that builds strength and faith through the word of God in Christians and seekers alike.

For more information about The Prophetic Scribe Ministries:  CLICK HERE.

For more information about trueGOD.tv CLICK HERE.

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